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    A true trip into the past. Obidos is a medieval village, founded in 308 b.C, when the Celts occupied the region.

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Obidos,  a Tour to a Magic Medieval Village.

Why to make an Obidos Tour? The History!

In the Obidos Tours, a trip to the past is something natural. The village of Obidos finds its foundations  in 308 b.c when the Celts occupied the region.

The first King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques,  conquered the area  to the Moors in 1148. Tradition states that one knight, Gonçalo Mendes da Maia, was responsible for the successful storming of the Moorish castle.

The retaking of Obidos was a final stage in the conquest of the Estremadura region to the Moors. It followed the settlements of Santarém, Lisbon and Torres Vedras. Just after the total control of the region, in 1195, the village received its first foral (charter) , during the reign of Sancho I.

In 1210, King Afonso II, gave the title of this village to Queen Urraca. Since then, Obidos has  been patronized by queens, obtaining the title of Town of the Queens. Several royal consorts enriched the village with donations from the Middle Ages until the 16th century.

The 1755 earthquake caused significant damage to the village , and resulted in the loss of  Arab and Medieval  architecture. More recently, the village was a  meeting place for those involved in the 1974 Carnation Revolution. The 25th of April movement, leaded by an  armed forces group that re-established democracy in Portugal.

Why to see in the Obidos Tours?

In the Obidos Tours the first impressive vision is the  castle and its huge walls .These walls suffered a rebuild process during the reign of King Dinis. The limestone and marble structure was strengthened and elaborated, while the keep was created in the 14th century, by King Fernando. By the time of the first remodelling project, the settlement had also grown beyond the gates of the castle.

The Church of Santa Maria in Obidos was the setting for the wedding of King Afonso V to his cousin, Princess Isabella of Coimbra, on 15 August 1441. At that time both still children aged 9 and 10, respectively. Administrative reforms conducted by King Manuel I at Óbidos in 1513, included the institution of a formal charter and major requalification of the urban area.

Fall in love with Obidos, a romantic medieval village, full of flowers and charm. The multi-coloured flower beds decorating the houses prove the female touch in this village that used to be the wedding gift of our kings to their queens Get lost in the narrow streets, the castle walls and visit the handicraft and traditional souvenir shops. Making an Obidos Tour, a real journey into the past.

The Obidos Tours surrounding Points of Interest!

Usually, the Obidos Tours integrates a full day program with other amazing points of interest nearby. We do recommend FATIMA for  believers, the spectacular MOEDA CAVES  , the BATALHA or the ALCOBACA monasteries. Other possible destinations, such as NAZARÉ or the BUDDHA EDEN gardens are possible add ons. Whatever you options are we promise you a memorable day! JUST CONTACT US!


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