EVOA-Birdwatching near Lisbon

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    Tagus Bird Watching
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    A tour in a true natural sanctuary. A must for bird watchers, photographers, and nature lovers. This reserve is located in the largest estuary of occidental Europe.

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EVOA-Birdwatching near Lisbon

EVOA seats in the Natural Reserve of the Tagus Estuary, since 1980 is  a wetland reserve of international importance.

The Tagus River has 1070 kms long opening out to Atlantic Ocean across the largest estuary of the occidental Europe.

This estuary links the capital to its rural landscapes. About 30 Km from Lisbon, it lies an estuarine ecosystem with its islets, vast arable plains and salt pans. Along its river banks, especially on the left bank, salt marshes dominate the mudflat. This wetland is also a Ramsar site and a Special Protection Zone.

Established in 1976, the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve embraces more than 14,000 ha of estuarine waters.  Its objectives are to conserve biodiversity while allowing and regulating its coexistence with  agriculture, fishing, hunting and nature tourism.

The diversity and abundance of migratory birds gives to the estuary the status of the most important wetland  in Europe.

During periods of migratory passage, this area receives more than 120,000 birds that rest in this place before continuing their journey. Some stay for a longer period, then returning to the areas of nesting or wintering.

The visitor can enjoy the wild birds, mostly in three freshwater wetlands, with 70 ha, created by the project and managed for birds. The necessary tranquility and convenience for visitors are guaranteed through hidden trails and hides that are strategically located.

EVOA-Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre offers a pleasant experience of visitation.It leads visitors to know the birds, the estuary and the lezíria and to participate in various interactive activities. In addition to the exhibition area, the centre has a multi-purpose auditorium and a cafeteria where visitors can enjoy the space and the beautiful scenery.

EVOA has programs of interpretive guided tours and birdwatching appropriate to different audiences and ages. It also provides other recreational and educational activities and special access conditions.

EVOA won the portuguese EBAE award (European Business Environment Awards) on February 27th, 2014.

EVOA parke  belongs to Companhia das Lezírias, the largest agriculture, cattle and forest farmstead in Portugal,  totaling about 18,000 hectares.

The Lezíria [marshy land] lies between the Tejo and the Sorraia Rivers and is divided by the road Recta do Cabo (E.N. 10 – Vila Franca de Xira/Porto Alto) into north and south Lezíria.

The north Lezíria consists of about 1,300 hectares and the south Lezíria totals about 5,200 hectares, mainly used for pastures and fodder production.

After the pastures and the fodder production area, rice is the predominant crop, covering an area of 1,100 hectares, followed by 140 hectares of corn.

Companhia das Lezírias has undergone a series of difficulties over the years. After its nationalization in 1975, it became a public limited company in 1989, wholly owned by public funds.

Since 1997, Companhia das Lezírias has consolidated its situation over time in both technological and financial terms, based on a philosophy of a sustained development.

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