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Moeda Caves

Moeda Caves

Just 3 minutes from Fátima and 15 minutes from Batalha, you can find the Moeda Caves

Moeda Caves discovery took place in 1971 when two hunters that were chasing a fox took refuge in a sinkhole in the bushes, suddenly, they entered in the cave and while they cross it they realize its beauty with galleries full of beautiful limestone formations. They discover the Grutas da Moeda (Coin Caves).

The Caves’ viable extension is 350 meters length and 45 meters depth below the entrance point. Temperature is constant around 18ºC all year round, which makes it easy to visit by all kinds of people.

 The Visit to the Caves

A guide accompanies the visitors, traveling in total safety through all of the natural galleries that granted several names.  after suggestion given by limestone formations and by the room’s configuration: Lake of Happiness, Nativity Scene, Water’s Grotto, Shepherd’s Room, Waterfall, Red Cupola, Maritime Room, Flawed Chapel, Red Dome and Spring of Tears.

The guides can make the visit in various languages. It is possible to take Photos  with flash, but for obvious reasons, you can’t touch the limestone formations.

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