What is included in the tour?

All expenses are included except museums and other exhibitions tickets, meals and personal expenses. Exception to this policy are specified in the Tour particular conditions.

Can children participate in the tours?

Lisbon Best Tours offers family experiences. Children are very much welcome. Please contact us in advance to allow us to have the vehicle prepared to accommodate the children onboard.

We would like to design a personalized tour, is it possible?

Yes. Lisbon Best Tours is able and will do its best to accommodate your particular interests. Challenge us!

What do I do if I am delayed for my tour?

Refer to the contact details listed on your confirmation mail and contact us for instructions. Please allow sufficient time, whenever possible, to reach the departure point in time for your tour.

What happens if it rains or there is a very bad weather day?

Lisbon region has normally a very pleasant weather and all our tours where designed to ensure a comfortable experience independently of the weather conditions.

In case we feel that for some reason we cannot ensure a good conditions to operate and decide to cancels the tour on that particular day, we will process monies due back to you accordingly. The cancelation decision will always be discussed with you.

What happens if when I get there, the tour is not running due to unforeseen circumstances?

Lisbon Best Tours will do its best to find an alternative date or tour if that is of your interest, if that solution is not possible will process monies due back to you accordingly.

I would like to change the date of my tour, what do I do?

Not all products are exchangeable after confirmation, and some tours may imply cancellation penalties. Please contact Lisbon Best Tours and we will do everything we can to ensure you get your tour in the dates you wish.

Do you have a phone number I can call?

Lisbon Best Tours offers customer support via email or chat to support your queries. Our goal is to respond to each query we receive within 6 to 12 hours. In case you really need to talk to us please use +351 91 7218181 or +351 96 7005000 or email us  info@lisbonbesttours.com

I need to cancel my booking

Not all tours can be canceled at no cost. Please refer to the Tour particular conditions, regarding cancellation fees. In any case contact us, and we will be able to advise of any cancellation charges that may apply

Can I change/amend my booking?

It may be possible to amend your booking; however, this depends upon the type of amendment required. Contact us and describe specific details of your amendment, and we will be able to advise if the change/amendment is possible. Please select your tour carefully, as in some cases last minute changes may attract change/amendment and cancellation penalties.

What happens if I cancel or do not show up?

Please select your tours dates carefully before booking, as in some cases cancellation and amendment penalties may apply. If you are unable to show up for your tour, please contact Lisbon Best Tours immediately and we will do our best to minimize the financial impact. As a general rule, no show will not imply any reimbursement.

I have not received a reply to my emails. What I do?

Some email internet providers can mark general booking emails such as those sent from Lisbon Best Tours as “spam” – please check your spam folder for previous email replies. If you have your spam filter set on the highest ranking, only emails from senders in your address box will go into your inbox. Any other emails  will go into a “spam” folder. These emails can sit in this folder for up to 7 days and then your email system will automatically delete them.

What kind of insurance is included on the tours?

According to portuguese and EU laws, Lisbon Best Tours  has all mandatory insurances requested.

Email us if you need more information.